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The Consultation

For the horse

I take a full history covering every aspect of the horse’s lifestyle and this allows me to help a rider decide on the best course of action for their horse’s particular problem, including referring them to another professional who will be able to quickly resolve any issues such as: the veterinary surgeon, equine dentist, farrier, saddler or if indicated further massage treatments. 

I am also happy to teach the owner some massage techniques, stretches and in hand exercises that they can do to aid their horse’s rehabilitation and recovery if working under veterinary guidance after injury, or for relaxation as part of a competition or general maintenance programme.

For the rider

After a full postural assessment and massage if I feel it would be more beneficial, I will refer them to a doctor, physiotherapist or biomechanics specialist if that would resolve problems more quickly than further massage treatments.

Complementary Rider Postural Assessments

If I am teaching a rider for the first time or massaging the horse for the first time, I offer a free rider postural assessment for the rider.  Horses will try to compensate for their jockeys one sidedness. Usually the rider is unaware of the effect they are having on their horse. If the rider is level and free moving they are able to work with the horse rather than against it, resulting in a much happier horse, which is less likely to suffer compensatory pain.

I offer a  mobile service  or if you wish to take advantage of superb indoor facilities I am also based from Grove House Stables LLP.

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